Monday, April 26, 2010


Insight: Our intuition (shown through language before the existence of scientific support) tells us that the temperature of a persons head is inversely proportional to his state of rational thought. Emotional thinking increases the temperature of the head. Maybe the loss of hair through aging has developed to indicate the individual's capability to contain his emotions and produce logical behavior patterns.

Again, I've lost my references as to the science I read (what a great blog I have) but I've still got to put the idea out there.

As to the already understood social knowledge:

  • hotheaded
  • thinking-cap
  • let cooler heads prevail
  • heat of the moment
  • cool confidence

When human's are younger, emotional thinking may be necessary to spur an individual into action. As we age, we have become familiarized with many more situations, thus we behave accordingly: we are presented with a scenario, we react with a learned response.

Out of the wild

I love to think about maps.

Andy Nelson's map developed for the European Commission Joint Research Centre and the World Bank shows relative remoteness.

Another insight

I read something last week about how our minds and sleep and socialization are interrelated, and I sent a text to my email to remind myself to pursue this connection, and I forgot my references.

Anyhoo, the thought that seems to be the insight, or connection of multiple ideas is this:

The less sleep a person gets, the lower his level of skill at social interaction. - Persons who can afford to sleep more have advanced social skills. As a species, we have advanced due to higher levels of sleep and thus social interaction. And we have built and maintained technically complex structures, both physically and socially.

Just another block in the foundation.

Thought establishment

Just trying to understand my world. Expressing partial ideas here, to see if they help me to expand my understanding through the process of forming the ideas into written words.

The foundation of knowledge requires multiple supports.

I can follow knowledge straight up a tower only so far, until the tower collapses due to the laws of physics. If I attach this knowledge to existing buttresses of understanding, I can reach further, attain new heights.

My mind exists in a physical world, and is structured to conform. So I take whatever resources I find in my understanding of this world to improve the performance of my mind.

I don't fully comprehend what I refer to as chaos theory (though that my not be the label others attach) - the interelatedness of mathematic, physical, and existential laws; the repetition of patterns throughout and between these ideas.

Geocaching videos

What Is Geocaching?

San Diego geocachers planned a flash mob, wrote a song, and distribute podcasts.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I read Peter Dring's article on starlings from the St. Valentine's Day Star Journal during lunch.

Fascinating birds, these are.

Mozart's Starling

Piano Concerto No. 17 in G major, (K 453), 3rd movement

Ein musikalischer Spass

Wee-Woo The Talking Starling

starlings on Otmoor

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hometown news

Mom & Dad save the local bi-weekly newspapers for me - Rhinelander's Star Journal & Hodag Buyer's Guide.

I bring them home every couple of months, and I read old news.

I was reading an issue from February tonight and recognized a boy in a picture from an article - I had seen this commercial earlier this year.

Lance Kopplin's Ronald McDonald House story

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Return of bluster to Brown

Cold, rainy, sleety. Worked a twelve. But had a good dinner with the kids at Fazoli's - a spring break treat.